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Welcome to the SIS Users Forum

Postby SISUGHost » Mon Nov 09, 2009 8:30 am

Welcome to the SIS Users Forum, running phpBB.

Please pardon our dust as we get this space up and running with you...

In the meantime, to give you some background on what's going on here, in the Summer of 2009, a number of school districts and individual schools made news (sometimes, national news) with failures related to their IT systems. When we noticed this, we went out looking for the available resources in the vast Net, and no "cross-system, global scope" space existed to share best practices, learning experiences, transition experiences, tips, tricks and other accumulated wisdom. While there are a number of local (geographically-focused) places, and a number of system-specific (both school system and student information system) places to be found, we felt that it would be interesting (and hopefully useful) to start fresh rather than try to build out from a specific vendor or a specific region.

Whether you call it a Student Information System, Scholastic Information System, Educational Information Technology System, or Assistant Principal Steve, we invite you to collaborate, share your wisdom and experience, and improve the way you work with IT in education through this SIS Users Forum.

Please play nice, disclose any relevant interests and potential biases (particularly if you represent a specific vendor), and remember, this experiment in community depends on your constructive participation. We'll try to keep things as open and simple as possible for as long as possible, but it's a wild internet out there, and I'm sure we'll find our share of challenges.

Site host's disclosure: We are doing research on mathematical optimization problems; some applications may apply to schools and school operations
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